In order to meet the Chinese language test needs of Chinese learners, according to the arrangement of 
the Chinese proficiency test of the Confucius Institute at University College Dublin, the Internet-based 
online test of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK, HSKK) will be organized on November 18th.

The relevant arrangements and requirements for the tests are as follows:


I. Time arrangement and inquiries

Exam time: March 16th, 2024
Deadline for registration: March 6th, 2024

Inquiries email:

II. Examination format and examination room arrangement:

1. The test format is an on-site Internet-based one in computer rooms of UCD. test takers need to 
come to test center at Daedalus Building, University College Dublin.

2. Test takers need to enter the examination room half an hour before the test time to cooperate with 
the staff to check the ID documents and familiarize themselves with the test equipment. Example: 
Candidates whose exam starts at 9:00am, please arrive at Daedalus Building before 8:30am and 
enter the examination room at 8:30am. 

III. Application requirements:

1. Full acknowledgement and acceptance of the Internet-based online test rules

2. Complete registration on the Chinese test service website as required and 
obtain an admission ticket for the above test date.

3. On the day of the test, test takers need to come to test center at UCD(Daedalus Building)and 
bring the test admission tickets and valid ID they registered with (usually a passport).

4. During the test, the examinees’ data will be recorded and collected by the online testing system. 
The use of data is limited to the purpose of the test, and examinees participating in the test are 
deemed to have granted permission to the test organizers to record and collect this data. 

5. Cross-border registration is not allowed. For instance, test takers who register for the 
Internet-based Test (at center) in Dublin, Ireland must go to University College Dublin on site on 
the day of the test.

IV. Registration

1.Please be sure to confirm whether you acknowledge all the conditions as above before the test 
registration. If the any conditions are found insufficient or unmatched as above after the 
registration and the payment, the test service fee will not be refunded.

2.Once you confirm that you acknowledge the requirements, please register for the exam first and 
pay later. Please do not pay first and register later.

Important note:
• No paper is needed for the Home-based Online Test of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK, HSKK). During the test, it is prohibited to copy and record exam questions with notes or electronic equipment; desktop for the test should be tidy without any items irrelevant to the test.
• In order to ensure the validity of test operations, the official Chinese Test Centre or third-party Chinese test centres may collect and verify test-related information from you. This information may include your name, photo, I.D. information, and audio and video recordings taken during the test. We will only collect and use the above information as permitted by law and for the legitimate purposes of Chinese Test Centre International (such as maintaining exam security).

Registration and payment
Log in to to register, complete the online registration according to the following instructions, and then complete the payment online or by contacting the test centre for payment instructions.

Important Note: Please select “Internet-based Test(at center)” for the correct test format in the 
middle as shown in the picture below. 

Important Note:
• HSK and HSKK applicants must upload an electronic version of photos according to the test requirements. These are as follows:
• Recent ID photo (within 6 months before the test date) (standard two inches), passport photo only.
• Hats, headscarves (except for those worn according to religious beliefs), hair bands, and sunglasses are not permitted in the photo.
• Both black/white and colour photos are acceptable, preferably with a white background as shown below:

Test Fee

Online payment Link:

Important Note:
• Registration fee must be paid prior to March 6th, 2024, otherwise it will be deemed as a waiver 
of registration.
• The fee is non-refundable. 
• Candidates are required to pay the registration fee to take the exam;

3. Registration confirmation and admission ticket
After the applicants have completed the registration and paid the fee, they should log in to the Chinese Testing Website to query/print the test admission ticket at least 3 days before the test. They also need to confirm personal information based on the test admission ticket, such as name, nationality, gender, I.D. type and number, and test information including test subjects, test time, test centre name, test centre instructions, etc.

V. Preparation before the exam

1. Admission time: Enter the examination room half an hour before the examination.
2. Candidates must bring the ID they registered with (usually a passport).
3. The test takers' ID documents will be checked by the examiners.

Important Note: 

Candidates with invalid/incorrect I.D. documents will not be allowed to enter the exam.
Prohibited items should not be in the testing area. 

2. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
Entering the exam

Enter the admission ticket number and password to enter the testing website. Examinees must log in to the registration website with their account at least one day prior to the test in order to obtain their admission ticket number and password using the "Print" button in the "Personal Information Centre" page (as shown in the figure below).


VI. During the exam
1. Test regulations
The "Regulations for Chinese Testing" lists all violations and regulations that are applicable to the home-based HSK test (HSK, HSKK). If an examinee violates any, Chinese Testing International and the test centre reserve the right to take action during the test. The situation will then be reviewed following the test, and the examinees may receive further consequences for their actions.

2. Absence
If the test taker fails to take or complete the test due to personal reasons on the day of the test, the examinee will take full responsibility. Chinese Testing International and the test center will not allow extra test time or a make-up test, and the registration fee is not refundable.

VII. Test results and Test report
1. Test results
Examinees can log onto the Chinese test service website ( and enter their name and admission ticket number to check their results 10 days after the HSK test and 25 days after the HSKK test.

2. Test report
Examinees can log in to the personal information centre to download the e-version score report. Chinese Testing International do not provide hard copy score reports, however these are available to students who request one upon payment of any postage costs.