2022 is the first year of the Mandarin Chinese Leaving Certificate examination in Ireland. In order to better help Irish secondary school students prepare for the exam, the UCD Confucius Institute Leaving Certificate Chinese class was officially established on 16th October 2021. From then, it has made remarkable achievements and has gained positive recognition from both students and parents. 

Our classes are proudly presented with:

  1. Expertise: UK IGCSE and A-level examiners hold regular meetings with the Leaving Certificate Chinese class training team to guide teaching and determine test preparation plans.
  2. A professional team: Our teachers are all senior Chinese teachers, most of whom have more than ten years’ experience teaching Chinese. The syllabus has been designed according to the European Language Framework, the Irish Leaving Certificate Chinese syllabus and the British GCSE Chinese syllabus which guide the learning content in terms of themes, topics, words, expressions, and the scope of tasks to be performed. Teaching focuses on various language and cultural learning activities in order to cultivate students’ interest and their comprehensive proficiency of the Chinese language.
  3. Strength in incorporating academic research with teaching: Research and development of mock exam papers and test evaluation standards are an important part of our work. The teaching team holds weekly seminars to share teaching experiences and results, which facilitates problem solving within the teaching process.
  4. All-round support and services: We also provide guidance, relevant teaching resources, mock tests, marking and feedback, and other related support and services for Confucius Classrooms and other secondary schools.

We sincerely welcome all students to join us in the Leaving Certificate Chinese class. Our high-quality Chinese exam preparation courses will help students to achieve better results in the Leaving Certificate Chinese exam.


Target audience: Chinese Leaving Cert Classes are available to 5th and 6th year students, who will sit their Leaving Cert exams in 2023 and 2024.

Timetable and tuition fees:

LocationUCD (Belfield campus, Dublin 4)

Registration and payment: https://forms.gle/DG4MhCjiPqxZvFuGA

For more information, please contact:

Tel: +353 1 716 3000

Email: wei.zhou@ucd.ie