HSK Level 1- Level 6

Course Introduction


The HSK test is a test for learners who do not speak Chinese as their first language. It tests Chinese language skills for communication in everyday life, learning and business activities, and are series of standardized tests.


HSK Pre-test Trainingcourses are aimed at meeting the needs of all types of people who intend on sitting the examination. . We offer training courses from HSK level1 to level 6.


The course includes listening, reading comprehension and writing, with an emphasis on teaching test-taking skills and strategies to achieve better results in the exam. The course focuses on the Chinese language expression ability of participants through comprehensive language teaching. It is an intensive language-training course, aimed at progressing the logical application of Chinese, as well as achieving a higher level of verbal skills, written skills and good results in the HSK test.


Course objectives


1.To strengthen knowledge through the new HSK outlines, covering vocabulary, grammar, and sentence patterns and supporting learning development, ensuring students’ preparation for the new HSK exam. . 

2.To provide training on the basics of Chinese language learning to more specialized subjects, explaining in detail the difficult and most important aspects of the test. ;

3. Experienced teachers summarize the best test-taking skills and strategies;

4. The use of the Official Examination Papers of HSK and Standard Course HSK create a real test environment, so that students can be familiar with the test procedures and content;



         An intensive course with high efficiency teaching and training provided, in conjunction with the use of a large number of study skills, including learning situation simulation exercises, discussions and interactive exercises.





Pre-course vocabulary level

TestExpected Vocabulary

                   CEF level

HSK Level 1




HSK Level 2 




HSK Level 3 




HSK Level 4 




HSK Level 5 




HSK Level 6 





*Level test is available upon request.




The courses are conducted by highly experienced instructors who specialise in HSK exams and preparation from UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland.


Course Timetable


10 hours a session: 2 hours per time, once per week, 5 weeks in total.

Start date: 5 weeks prior to the HSK Test.


If needed, another course session is available10Weeks to 6 weeks prior to the HSK Test.



(Example: In the year 2016, Test day is November 12, the Pre-test Training Course is from October 10 - November 11,If needed, September 5 - October 7 is also available.)


Course fees


Course fee depends on the registration number of your class before the registration deadline, which is one day before the course begins.


5+ students group-100 Euros per student

4 students group-120 Euros per student

3 students group-150 Euros per student

2 students group-180 Euros per student

1 student group-200 Euros per student


Textbooks and Sample papers fees are not included.


Online Registration for this course: Closed


or send an e-mail to china@ucd.ie.