Prof Jiang Liping Delivered A Lecture on International Chinese Language Teaching


On November 17, 2023, Professor Jiang Liping, Deputy Director of the Research Institute of International Chinese Language Education at Beijing Language and Culture University, delivered a special lecture entitled "New Concepts and Methods in International Chinese Language Teaching" at the “Teacher Training Series” hosted by UCD Confucius Institute. Over 70 Chinese language education practitioners from three Irish Confucius Institutes - University College Dublin, University College Cork, and University of Galway – attended this lecture online.

Professor Jiang Liping, with extensive expertise in teaching Chinese as a second language, is not just an expert in theory but also holds rich experience in classroom teaching, curriculum development, and teacher training. In her lecture, she elaborated on three themes: the teaching principles and innovation in international Chinese education, what to teach, and innovative teaching methods. She demonstrated effective teaching strategies and practical teaching methods in enhancing students’ language skills by using abundant teaching examples, materials, the latest technological tools, and both online and offline teaching resources.

Professor Jiang emphasized that classroom teaching is a responsibility to cultivate individuals, requiring a harmonious balance of various factors. Chinese language educators should ponder over integrating knowledge delivery, skill training, emotional cultivation, and method guidance throughout their teaching to effectively achieve educational objectives.

Professor Wang Liming, Director of the UCD Confucius Institute, moderated of the lecture and expressed great gratitude to Professor Jiang for her enlightening and informative lecture which offered new insights for overseas Chinese teachers' classroom teaching and research.

At the Q&A session, Professor Jiang engaged in lively discussions with participants on topics including language proficiency standards, the latest technology's application in Chinese teaching, and the integration of Chinese language with various skills.