Mr. Brendan McGrath gave a public lecture entitled “Doing Business in China” at UCD CII


Mr. Brendan McGrath, Ireland Site Head & VP Manufacturing at WuXi Biologics, gave a lecture entitled "Doing Business in China" at UCD Confucius Institute on April 18, 2023. The lecture was hosted by Prof. Liming Wang, Director at UCD Confucius Institute and Irish Institute for Chinese Studies.

Mr. Brendan McGrath firstly introduced the current development status of WuXi Biologics Ireland Site, the size of the company, the development prospect, as well as the development concept, R&D process and manufacturing process of drugs. Then, he also shared the cultural differences he experienced as an Irish in a multinational company, as well as many experiences and lessons learned in doing business in China, such as the opportunities and challenges that exist in the Chinese market, the uniqueness of Chinese culture and business etiquette, etc.

In the Q&A session after the presentation, the audience asked many questions on how to do business with China, and Mr. Brendan McGrath answered with interesting examples from his own experience, and suggested that even though specific cultural differences objectively exist, people are essentially similar to each other. Therefore, we should achieve win-win cooperation through mutual communication and understanding on the basis of mutual respect.

The presentation was very informative and broadened the students' knowledge and horizons. Prof. Wang presented Mr. Brendan McGrath with a copy of his book (coauthored), “Doing Business with China: The Irish Advantage and Challenge”.