The Annual Confucius Classroom Work Meeting Hosed by UCD Confucius Institute


At 2:00 pm on 10 February 2022, the annual UCD Confucius Institute’s Confucius Classroom work meeting was successfully held online. The representatives at the meeting reported the work and achievements of the Confucius Classrooms in the past year and discussed important work plan in 2022.  The meeting was held online. Professor Liming Wang, Director of the UCD Confucius Institute chaired the meeting. Colm Dooley Principal of Our Lady's Grove, John Hayes Principal of Kildare Community School, Paul McCormack Deputy Principal of Clongowes Wood College, and Emma Raughter Principal of Loreto Bray and representative Ms Aline Abautret, representative of Belvedere College Ms Juan Gao, Chinese Director of UCD Confucius Institute Mr Wei Zhang, and other teachers at the Confucius Institute in charge of Confucius Classroom-related teaching matters, a total of 16 people attended the meeting.


In the self-introduction session of the participants, the principals and coordinators of Confucius Classrooms from each secondary school summarized their work in 2021 respectively. Afterwards, the teachers in each Confucius Classroom also briefly reposted the teaching activities in their classrooms. Chinese Director Wei Zhang from the UCD Confucius Institute expressed gratitude to the Confucius Classroom coordinators and the teachers for their work and support.

According to the meeting agenda, the project leaders of UCD Confucius Institute also exchanged and discussed topics such as the budget and expenditures of Confucius Classroom activities in 2021, online HSK Chinese test, TY student’s internship programme at CII etc. Ms Wei Zhou presented the Chinese Leaving Cert Preparation Course offered by CII since last August. Finally, Director Liming Wang expressed his sincere thanks to everyone for their hard work and support over the past challenging year and wish everyone a prosperous and healthy year of the Tiger.