1.When will the exam be held?


Please note the deadline for registration is 4 weeks before the exam date. 


2.Where will the exam be held?

The exam will be held in University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4. Please choose UCD Confucius Institute as test centre while registering online.


3.Where should I go for online registration?

Please go to www.chinesetest.cn for online registration. 

*You will need to register as a user first if this is the first time you take the exam.


4.When is the deadline for online registration?

Deadline for online registration is 4 weeks before the exam date.


5.Need more guidance for online registration?

Please visit www.cii.ie for guidance on “Registration”.


6.Anything I need to pay special attention while registering?

Please provide valid email address/contact number in order to make sure you can always be informed with our latest notice.

Please provide valid postal address. 

If you would like to take HSK Level 4, 5 or 6, you will need to upload a passport photo.


7.What should I do after finishing online registration?

Please pay your exam fee online here to complete your registration process. Reference Field should be inserted with Exam Name, Level and Date as shown below. 


You should make the payment before the deadline, which is 4 weeks before the test you have applied for, for example, if you apply the test on 17th October, the deadline for the payment is 20th September.Only registration with confirmed payments will be issued exam admission card.


8.When is the deadline for payment?

Deadline for payment is 4 weeks prior to the exam date. 


9.How much do I need to pay for the exam?

Please click here to check exam fees.


10.Something important you REALLY need to know:

Failure of payment before deadline will cause cancellation of your registration. 

Payment without completion of online registration will NOT be accepted.


11.What is the last IMPORTANT thing I need to do before taking the exam?

Please log in the test service website, www.chinesetest.cn, by inputting the user name and password, and then print your Test Admission Card on the "Personal Center" page. Printing of the card is available 7-10 days before the test in general. If you fail to print it, please send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for query.

Don’t forget to bring it to the exam!

Please make sure you are familiar enough with the route to the exam venue on UCD Belfield campus.


12.Anything I can use to prepare for the exam?

Please visit http://www.chinesetest.cn/godownload.do for free downloading of past paper and syllabus.


13.When can I know the result of the exam?

The result of the exam will be accessible ONE month after the exam. Please go to www.chinesetest.cnand check.


14.When and how can I get my score report?

Usually, your score report will arrive at UCD Confucius Institute 6-7 weeks after the exam. You can come and collect it in person when noticed.




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