New BCT Test

Introduction of Business Chinese Test

The Business Chinese Test (BCT) is a standardized test for non-native Chinese speakers, and is designed to assess their Mandarin Chinese language proficiency in business-related communication and activities. Key features of BCT are that its content is practically applicable and communicable.

The BCT is held in China and many other countries around the world, including Ireland.

BCT test takers receive a report of their score and successful candidates receive a BCT Certificate.

Examination Candidates

BCT is suitable for non-native Chinese speakers engaged in a wide range of professional pursuits, with application to daily communication in the working environment.

Chinese Language Proficiency Scales

BCT has 5 levels that BCT applies to assess test-takers' Chinese language proficiency are set out as follows:

Level 1: Generally unable to apply Chinese in their business activities.

Level 2: Can use Chinese to serve the basic communication needs of their business activities.

Level 3: Can use Chinese effectively in their business activities.

Level 4: Can use Chinese skillfully in their business activities.

Level 5: Can use Chinese freely and appropriately in their business activities.

Test Scores Reports and Certificate

There are two independent tests in the BCT: BCT (Listening-Reading) and BCT (Speaking-Writing). Candidates can choose one or both tests. The detail of BCT as shown in the table below.

Test TypeTest ItemNumber of TasksDuration of Test(minutes)
BCT Listening-Reading Listening 50 100 40 100
Reading 50 60
BCT Speaking-Writing Speaking 2 4 10 50
Writing 2 40

Each skill of listening, speaking, reading and writing scores from 0 to 500 points respectively, and each 100 points represents a grade (or level). The total score for BCT Listening-Reading is the sum of the points scored for the two skills of listening and reading, and that of BCT Speaking-Writing is the sum of the points scored for the two skills of speaking and writing. Thus total scores range from 0 to 1000 points. There is no Level 1 Certificate awarded. If a candidate's total score for BCT Listening-Reading (or BCT Speaking-Writing) reaches 201-400, a BCT Level 2 Certificate (for either Listening-Reading or Speaking-Writing) will be awarded, and 401-600 will gain a Level 3 Certificate, and so forth. Mapping of levels (and certificate awarded) to scores is set out below.

1 0-100 0-200
2 101-200 201-400
3 201-300 401-600
4 301-400 601-800
5 401-500 801-1000

Certificates are valid for two years (from the date of examination).

Test Principles

Following the principle of “combing testing and teaching”, the new test is designed in line with the present situation of international Chinese-language teaching and the teaching materials that are commonly available, with the aim of “promoting teaching and learning through examinations”

Use of the BCT 

  • Evaluating business Chinese proficiency for recruitment, selection, employment, task allocation, and promotion purposes
  • Learners' self-assessment of progress and needs
  • Evaluating teaching standards and effectiveness
  • Supporting teacher training provision
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