Confucius Classroom at Our Lady's School Terenue (since 2014)

Our Lady's School is a Catholic Voluntary Secondary School for girls. It caters for over 770 students. Our Lady's School was founded in 1953 by the Religious of Christian Education, a Congregation founded in Normandy in the aftermath of the French Revolution. The educational tradition of the Congregation is to create conditions in which each pupil can attain her full potential and develop her personal gifts and talents.


The school was founded in order to provide an educational experience based on academic excellence, the formation of a strong value system and the development of the whole person. It is a member of the Le Chéile Schools Trust. 

Our academic programme aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum so that all our students have the opportunity to succeed at the highest level of their own individual talents and abilities. Students are encouraged to be the best that they can be, to strive for excellence and to contribute to the school community in a positive manner. Student progress is monitored by the Year Team including a Year Head and Form Tutors. Additional supports are provided by the Care Team, which includes two Career Guidance Counsellors. 

The Transition Year Chinese programme covers both a Chinese Language Option and a separate Chinese Culture and Language Module. The Chinese language module is granted to the first 30 successful applicants. These students will learn Mandarin over the course of 1 year. Students who take this language option are obliged to sit the YCT examination in UCD. Throughout the year, the students will study the Kuaile Hanyu book series. There are three 40 minute periods devoted to the language module each week. 

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