Confucius Classroom at Loreto Foxrock (since 2011)

Loreto College, Foxrock is a voluntary Catholic Secondary School under the direction of the Loreto Sisters (IBVM). The school, which wasopened in 1941 at the request of the Archbishop of Dublin, Most Reverend John Charles McQuaid, is situated on the N11, in the parish of Foxrock.

The school is a fee-paying Secondary Day School, and is run by the Board of Management, which was first set up in 1990. The school celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 1991.

The main aim of the school is to be a centre of Christian Education, which cares for the faith, and personal development of each student. The school strives for excellence in providing a holistic education, i.e. religious, academic, cultural, physical, psychological and social. The school has maintained the educational tradition begun by Mary Ward (1585-1645), foundress of the I.B.V.M., and has been enriched by it.

During the school year 2009/2010 the school Principal, explored the option of offering a programme of Chinese Studies to students in Loreto College, Foxrock.

Ms Mannion met with Dr Liming Wang seeking support and guidance on how best to introduce a Chinese studies programme into the school. During the year, in addition to language lessons, students will be introduced to various aspects of Chinese culture.  Pupils also had the opportunity to learn a little about Chinese history, Chinese poetry and the arts of calligraphy and Chinese paper folding.  A cookery module is also included.  At the end of the academic year certificates will be presented to the students in recognition of their achievements during the year.


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