Confucius Classroom at Jesus and Mary College (since 2014)

Jesus and Mary College is a Catholic Community in keeping with the educational philosophy of St. Claudine Thevenet and the sacred ethos of the school. We are committed to providing a quality education in pursuit of excellence. Jesus and Mary College endeavour to provide a teaching and learning environment, which encourages the school community to develop to its full potential cognisant of all its talents and skills. They aim to work together in a safe, respectful, caring and just environment. We value the principles of mutual respect, equality and tolerance encouraging positive self-image, confidence and pride in all achievements.

Jesus and Mary College has fostered an excellent working relationship with the Confucius Institute. Our programme commenced in 2012 and we look forward to bolstering our friendship with a successful application to become a Confucius classroom. We wish for our common interests in culture, language and education to extend well into the decades ahead. Our Chinese department consists of a growing number of enthusiastic teachers. Together, our department structures planning by holding weekly meetings to discuss the success of our Chinese programme and to discuss areas where we wish to improve.  We endeavour to reflect upon using the strengths of the school to best enhance the Chinese experience for the students. Our teachers have collaborated to produce a broad and ambitious Chinese Short Course to be included in the new JCSA programme which begins in August, 2014.  

In 2013, Jesus and Mary College hosted a Chinese classroom as part of our Open Evening.  We felt this was essential to promote our affinity with Chinese to the public. Music, crafts and dress were included in this very popular attraction. The feedback received from parents in the local community was highly encouraging. 

In Jesus and Mary College we constantly consider and reflect on the contribution Chinese Culture and Language Studies has made to the education of our students. In our self - evaluation we continue to look for ways to improve what we offer. We look forward to working with the Confucius Institute to achieve this aim.


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