Confucius Classroon at Belvedere College S.J. (since 2011)

The College is a Catholic school under the trusteeship of the Society of Jesus.  Set in the centre of Dublin city, it continues today a tradition of over 170 years in the Jesuit approach to education.

Belvedere has dedicated teachers who are committed to high academic standards.  The College provides a rich and diverse curriculum catering for the needs of each individual student.  It strives for excellence also in areas of sport and culture, social concern, and spiritual values, wherein students are encouraged and challenged to realise their full potential as human beings.

The mission of the Belvedere Community – Jesuits, Board, Staff, Parents, Present Students and Past Pupils – is to ensure that graduates of the College by their relationship with Jesus Christ and through living gospel values, shall be persons for others in leadership and example in the pursuit of a just world.

Belvedere College seeks to develop within each student a positive self image, a strong work ethic and a sense of responsibility to their community –both the community that is our school and the community within which each student lives.

Our relationship with the Confucius Institute is excellent and their delivery of the Transition Year programme has been exemplary.  Therefore the natural development is to begin the Chinese Studies option in First Year as an option in our co-curricular programme.  Co-curricular activities are central to our educational provision. 


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