How to register and apply test

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How to register and apply test in website of Chinese International Test Service


How to register

How to apply for a test

How to pay registration fee

How to print your test admission card


How to register

1. Log on the following website using Microsoft Internet Explorer



To change to English version, click the arrow and choose English

2. Click the link “New user”

3. In the pop-up window, fill in all the information required.

After you have filled in all the information and made sure there is no mistake, then click the button “Submit”. You will see the message as follows

This means your registration has been completed.

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How to apply for a test

1. Log in on the test application page

You can just click the link “Register now” when you get to the "Successfully registered as a website user" message just mentioned above.


Or, after you login the website


fill in your email address and password used in your registration in "User name" and "Password" boxes respectively, then click the link “log in”.

2. In newly opened page, hit the link “Test Registration” .

3. Find and click the link with the test you want to apply for on the left.

4. Hit the button “ Register Now” on the upper right hand corner in the next window.

5. After filling in the information required, and you have made sure there is no error, hit the button “Submit”.

6. When you submit successfully, a new page will pop up and you are supposed to fill in your personal information required.


After filling in this information correctly, click the button “Next Step”.


7. On next page you are supposed to upload your photo which will be used in your testing admission card.

After you have found and uploaded your photo successfully, you can see the photo in preview box , then click the button “Next Step”.


8. Now you come to the confirmation page. If you are sure that there is no mistake, hit the button “Finish”. Or you can hit “Previous” to make the necessary corrections.

When you see this message, your online application is finished. You will shortly receive an email at the address provided in your application.

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How to pay the registration fee

When you have finished your application, you should pay the registration fee online.

Please pay your exam fee online here to complete your registration process.

For amount, please click

Reference Field should be inserted with Exam Name, Level and Date as shown below. 


You should make the payment before the deadline, which is 4 weeks before the test you have applied for, for example, if you apply the test on 17th October, the deadline for the payment is 20th September.Only registration with confirmed payments will be issued exam admission tickets. 

If you have any difficulty to pay your fee online or any questions regarding payment, please do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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How to print your test admission card

When you have made your payment of the registration, we will confirm your payment in the Chinese International Test Service website. Once we have confirmed your payment, you can print your test admission card with your photo on line.

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