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Dublin Confucius Class for Children, founded in 2016, has grown into a large, professional centre for Chinese language and culture learning in Ireland. It provides a wide range of Chinese courses all year long. 

They focus on teaching Mandarin, Pinyin (i.e., Chinese phonics) and Hanzi (i.e., Chinese characters) by enhancing students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Introductions and experiences of various aspects of Chinese culture are also provided throughout the courses.    

Dublin Confucius Class for Children boasts highly qualified Chinese teachers and excellent teaching facilities. Children are grouped according to their ages and language levels, and the learning process is packed with fun activities with fun learning materials such as drawing, stories, nursery rhymes, poems and games. Children will most definitely progress in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. 

Enrollment has commenced and all children over five years of age are welcome.


Immersion Class

Target Students: Children from native Chinese Speaking families

Pre-K Level:Age 5, listening, speaking, reading.

K Level: Age 6-8, listening, speaking, reading, vocabularyand writing.

Y Level:Age 9-17, speaking, reading, advanced vocabulary,public speaking and writing.


Bilingual Class

Target Students: Children from non-native Chinese speaking families

Pre-K Level: Age 5, listening, speaking and reading, fun learning

K Level: Age 6-8, vocabulary, speaking and writing.

Y Level:Age 9-17, public speaking, reading and writing skills


Class hours: 2pm - 4pm on Saturdays


First term9 Sep 2017-16 Dec 2017 (excluding public holidays), 14 weeks.

Second term: 13 Jan 2018-26 May 2018 (excluding public holidays), 16 weeks


Location: UCD (Belfield campus), Dublin 4

Fees:260 for the whole year (30 sessions), 150 for each term.


Discount price: 240 for the siblings, 140 for each term.


Book Fees:30 including textbook and workbook for all classes; 10 for Bilingual Pre-K Class.


Online Registration for Students: Click Here

Online Payment for Students: Click Here

For More Information, Please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Let our children enjoy learning Chinese and progress in a relaxed environment! 



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